In 2018 SixS Event Rental started with a trailer full of sub-rented equipment pulled by a bus, to set up for a music festival. After a successful weekend, family, friends, and peers support, SixS Event Rental became a reality. Spending the next few years working to build an inventory and connections to cover smaller events like family gatherings, baby showers, and graduation parties, all the way to bigger events like weddings, music festivals and city events.

SixS Event Rental got its name from following a semi-truck for half an hour while picking up tables and chairs from an event. The trucks trailer had an ID plate that started with SIXS followed by other letters and numbers. I kept looking and thinking about it as I drove. It wasn’t until the truck pulled off the highway, I said it out loud and it clicked in my head. SixS is here to help provide your event with everything to make it a success.

SixS Event Rental is owned by Maxwell Mense and supported by family, friends and peers. With 7 years of experience in the event and tent rental business and 8 years in inside event functions at a country club.